Thursday, 25 May 2017

Tailor-made trials

You don't get to choose. You don't get to choose who disappoints you. Or who breaks your heart. Or much else for that matter. When it comes to trials, I mean. You don't get to choose the tests you go through in life.

If we had the choice, many of us wouldn't choose the trials we have to face. We'll probably pick someone else's. I do that sometimes, I'm like, God, why are you letting me go through this? You know I'm not strong; I can't take it. But then He reminds me that I can. You see, His word says that His grace is sufficient for me, His strength made perfect in my weakness. When I am weak, He is strong. Also, I'm not going through those trials on my own; Jesus has been there, done that. So He completely gets what I'm going through. And He walks me through it.

You see, God has a tailor-made plan and purpose for your life. One that He prepared before you were even a twinkle in your parents' eyes. And every experience you've had in life, whether good or bad, is part of the journey of discovering and living that purpose. He works all things together for the good of those that love Him. All things. It doesn't mean that life won't suck at times; of course it will. It just means that life won't break us. Heck, even death can't break us. 'He who believes in me, even though he dies, shall live'. Jesus said that by the way (John 11:25).

So, when you go through one of those moments, seasons, whatever you want to call it, just remember that He has a plan, and it's a darn good one, and it's all working together for your ultimate good. Because He said so.



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  3. Not true !! My father wore a wooden crucifix, given to him by a lady who was the local Methodist leader during the last few years of his manic depressive illness.It didn't save him.He committed suicide approx 18 months later and blew our family(my mother and two younger brothers) to pieces !! Now aged 57, my life to date being a complete and tortuous disaster, even the anti- depressants are not holding me.I have just come out of the psych hospital having had E.C.T therapy.I am so angry with God !! I would not classify myself as a virtuous man,or even always a good man.But certainly not an awful or evil man.(please note how the bible loves to use and classify people as EVIL !! My father was not evil,he tried to do his best for his family,dedicating 5 years of his life to building us a bungalow in the country before spending another five years in mental torture ( in and out of psyche hospital,suicide attempts,disappearances and other mayhem.I began attending a church recently hoping against all hope that God would heal my depression,but it was the ECT which eased it slightly.I genuinely marvel at the fact that I still have a pulse given the life I have had.I have now suspended my church attendance and gone back to my passion for spiritual truth which is astrology.(don't forget that the three wise men who predicted and found Jesus's birth place were astrologers) You maintain that you cannot predict what trials and tests will befall someone in their life,I disagree, the position of the planetary bodies,particularly in aspect to your natal chart can show the areas in your life that you will struggle the most and when certain cosmic energies will manifest growth or opportunity.As the great psychologist and spiritual seeker said," one see's best what one CAN see" I appreciate that this an angry rant but this God-and I do believe there is God- seems either a indifferent,careless,lazy,nasty,or combination of these qualities. I say this,not just from a personal standpoint of outrage but also from a collective and historical one - 6,000,000 men,women and children that He allowed to be slaughtered.mass famine,Tidal waves killing 1000's etc.etc-the list is endless !! Don't you think that the being who created all the known and unknown Universe could have stopped this suffering with a twitch of His finger !! No, it is down to Us to clean up the mess that God has left us in,both personally and collectively and to reduce our suffering as much as possible during our paltry 70 years on this planet.

    1. Astromancer
      You seem still to be searching for God and for answers You have a frustration that he let you down with your father. He may well have been given a cross and may have received prayer but God gave us his son too yet still he wasn't healed and you're still seeking him to find out why.
      Just being given something is no help if you don't use it or you don't know how to use it. I could be given a box of medicine to make me better but it's no help if I don't know what I have to do with them. In fact they could make me worse.
      God offers us the ability for us come to him to for peace, healing, love, compassion, hope, joy, wisdom and much more but that comes to us when we love him and surrender our lives to him.
      Do you love him? If you don't know him how can you love him? I can understand your anger if you think he let your dad die you're wrong. He wanted to save him from his illness but your Dad wasn't able to defeat the demons on his own. Perhaps his faith wasn't strong enough, perhaps he never actually asked for God's help. Only God knows. God doesn't interfere if he's not invited.
      You go on to mention how God has let mass slaughter take place, many die etc etc. He doesn't let them die. We live in a world alongside evil. Yes, evil is real. Satan and demons exist. Its thread works its way invisibly through many lives via our greed, our hate, our jealousy, our lust, our selfishness etc. God does not force us to love him. We have that choice. If we don't make that choice then we go it alone and we so often make a real mess of it.
      This world wants quick fixes, instant healing. God doesn't work that way. He wants us to accept our faults and change so we can be healed at the root of the problem and not just patched up to go and fail again.
      You say you've been to church but were you fully committed? Were you just a bystander watching on? I love the analogy of the coals in a fire. If you're in the fire you'll burn and give and receive heat. If you are only on the sidelines you'll receive a little heat on the outside but not enough to glow on the inside, that will still be cold and unsatisfied.
      Love grows when we give and receive.
      One can see best what one can see indeed. Faith and love you cannot see but nevertheless they both still exit. Like wind you can only see their effects.

      As for astrology. By all means marvel at God's creation, how we can use it to mark the passage of time and of seasons and use it to guide our travels. Don't draw predictions from them though. That is false and never reliable. God is the only source we should be reliant upon. The wise men still knew of God, they knew of the predictions of a coming King from Jewish scripture and knew the stars well enough to see the new one appearing that God had placed there as a sign.

  4. P.S.Apologies for ommitting the ' great psychologist and spiritual seeker's name, was of course,Carl Jung.