Sunday, 30 April 2017

Why I Believe series (part four)

I believe that incident changed me. I realised that indeed there was a God out there that wanted to be involved in my life, as much as I would let Him. I always knew there was a purpose for my life, and slowly everything that had happened in my life prior started to make a bit more sense. I didn't have all the answers (I still don't) but I knew that I needed to get to know this God better. What I'd done previously was mostly religion- I had a lot of head knowledge; I needed to go deeper. And I did. But it didn't quite happen how I wanted. As a young-ish Christian, I sometimes had the most amazing answers to prayers. No one could tell me God didn't answer prayers because He answered mine. I remember praying a very specific prayer about my exams when I was a teenager. When I got my results and not only passed but exceeded most people's expectations, I knew it was God. Because I had prayed about it. Of course I studied hard as well, but the details of my prayer request, only God knew. In my quest for going deeper with God, I was soon to realize that God didn't answer every prayer. Even seemingly good ones. It might sound obvious to some; good parents don't give their children everything they ask for. But I've learnt that God is more than just a good parent. He can see a bigger picture and the potential consequences of giving us all that we ask for. The trouble is, we can't. One of the areas I struggled most in was in the area of relationships. There were two main times in my life I prayed and cried for God to make my relationship with the opposite sex work out, for him to be 'the one'. It didn't happen, and I was heart-broken. There was nothing particularly wrong with those relationships; they were Christians, just like I was, learning and growing. But, God not 'answering' those prayers was one of the key, albeit difficult lessons I learnt in my quest of getting to know God better.


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