Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Mastering the art of surrender...

Sometimes God asks us to give up the very thing we cherish the most. It can be hard. And true surrender means giving it up knowing that you may never get it back. All you have to go on is that God knows what He's doing. If He asks for it, it means He has a better plan. It can be really hard. Someone said to me the other day, 'Abraham didn't know that Isaac wasn't going to die'. He went to sacrifice his dearest son, and for all he knew, he was going home alone that night. He just obeyed God and trusted that God knew what He was doing.

'Why would God ask for something so dear?' That's a valid question to ask. The reply that comes to me is one I read in the book 'Passion and purity' by Elisabeth Elliot; 'He gave all, He asks all.'

I read somewhere that when we don't understand what is going on in our lives, and we have so many unanswered questions, we just have to trust God's heart towards us. Everything God does or allows, is out of His goodness and love towards us. Everything. Good and not so good.

Surrendering can be hard, but knowing that the One asking you to surrender is able to bring about something better makes it a bit easier. Knowing that the Person asking you to surrender has proved Himself time and time again definitely helps.

Trust God's heart towards you.

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