Sunday, 17 July 2011

In search of the perfect church...HELP!

If you've been reading my blog, you may know that I moved back to London recently from Nigeria, thanks to a new job God so miraculously provided for me. It's been an interesting journey so far, but all in all, I must say it's been great. My main problem right now is that I'm looking for a church. In one sense, it's not that difficult to find a church, because just like it is in Nigeria, there are quite a few churches in London, in fact probably too many to count. But I'm finding that locating the right church where I can settle down and get involved is actually a lot harder than I thought. It's funny because a couple of months ago a friend of mine was in the same situation; she couldn't find a place to worship that was close enough to her, and the ones that she found, she just didn't feel she was getting anything from so she decided to stay home on Sundays and listen to sermons online. I was kinda telling her off for this, you know, after all the Bible talks about 'meeting together', not just listening to sermons, etc etc. I felt that she should just go somewhere, my reasoning being that anywhere is better than nowhere (within reason of course).

Fast-forward a few months and I'm in the same situation. I've tried a few churches out, but I really am not 'feeling' most of them. I know it's not always about how you feel, and from my experience some churches 'grow' on you. But I strongly believe that where you go to worship is so important, and can either help or hinder you on your journey to your destiny. This is why I really want to know that I'm at the right place. It's frustrating because I so want to find 'the one' but I don't know if that exists (you would think I was talking about finding a husband wouldn't you?)

I feel like some recent stuff that's happened with respect to some churches all over the world, but particularly in the UK have caused me to become wary of even places that look, sound and feel great. I really want somewhere that I can get fed properly, from someone/people that I can trust, but also somewhere I can grow and that I can see myself serving in some form. Oh, and I want somewhere with real people. I feel like some churches seem to be made up of 'happy plastic people' and that puts me off big time (I got that phrase from 'Stained glass masquerade' by 'Casting crowns' by the way- you should check it out). You know, places where you go and it seems like everyone looks perfect; their lives just seem to be in order because they look perfect and in order. I dunno, maybe it's just me but I went to this church recently and as much as I thought the preaching, singing, etc etc were all good, I went home thinking I needed a brand new wardrobe (or a personal stylist) and a nice car as well, to fit into that place. That doesn't mean I wouldn't go back though!

Another place I tried seemed more down-to-earth, but I listened to the sermon and I felt that there was a lot of shouting and jumping up and down, but no substance. I felt like I was being fed milk, not meat, not to talk of bone. I don't know if I'm being too choosy, but it's difficult because there are so many things to consider; how  near the church is to where I live (if I want to attend mid-week meetings this is a biggie cos sometimes what I hear on the news makes me think Nigeria can be safer than London sometimes!), how multicultural the church is (some churches are too 'English', which sometimes but not always, translates to boring, whilst some are too African, or should I say Nigerian, which well, if you're Nigerian, I don't need to explain any further).

Some people love trying out different churches, before settling for one, but I've never been one of those people (wow, the more I write, the more I see similarities between looking for a church and looking for a life-partner! Maybe I should blog about that some day). Anyway, so the whole thing is beginning to get to me a bit cos I just want to settle down and get involved, but I can't seem to find a place I'm completely happy with. I know that no church is perfect because the church is made up of human beings, but I still believe that God puts us in certain places for a reason, and we have a purpose to fulfill wherever we worship. So I don't think I should settle for just any church. Well, the search continues, but please pray for me that I find the right place soonish, and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to share!


  1. Hey dear..I would love to suggest a church to you.Calvary Chapel Church Victoria,westminister.Very Biblical teachings.11-1pm. You can check them out online they also have streaming.
    A Multicultural and very much multi African also. Not just Nigerians -lol. Ghana, Ethiopian. etc

    PS-I went through the same thing as you a year ago. Just like me there is seriously no perfect church. However one should look for two basic things, biblical teachings and eldership structure.

    Hope it goes well my dear :-)

  2. Renny:

    Hehehe! You took the words right out of my mouth (or head), as per, it sounded like you were on a "husband quest" for a minute there. The funny thing is that I am in the exact same position and so I totally empathize with you. LOL @ being fed milk, not meat, talkless of bone (*chuckles*). And you don't need to explain further about a church being too "African" or "Nigerian"...I get you 1000% (Yes, one thousand percent!)

    I think it is important that you're looking for a church to be planted in and I trust God to order your steps aright.

    P. S. Pwease do the life partner post!

  3. @butterflydiaries; thanks so much. I'm in NW London so Westminster is a bit far for me, but I might check it out still. Thanks for the encouragement!

    Relentless! (Can you tell I love that name?) LOL at 1000%- I take it you completely understand me then! I am still searching, but I sense the search might be over as I think God may be leading me somewhere. Anyhoo, we'll see. And I will do the life partner post. Just for you. :)