Wednesday, 27 July 2011

He knows my name!

This came to me after my 'Dear God' post. It's all true you know, so be encouraged!

He knows my name, He knows the thoughts that fill me with shame
He knows I'm weak, He also knows I'm doing my very best
He'll see me to the end, through every trial, every challenge,
He'll see me through it all, right through every single test

He knows my name, and on His hands, it's forever graven
Even when I slip,  for a moment take my eyes off Him, I'm not forsaken
He's right beside me, there to catch me, there to hold me
He'll never leave me, never turn His back, never give up on me.

He knows my name, I'm so special, so unique
He has a plan, a good one, and quite specific
He's leading me, guiding me, edging me on to take hold,
Of what He has for me, a future so bright, so glorious to behold

He knows my name, and He's right there when I call
He knows my concerns, my worries, all that make me fall
He sees me, hears me, feels my every pain
He understands; He went through it all, just for my gain.


  1. Again you grace us with your beautiful and inspired poems! Urenna, take me seriously when i say you should write a book of short poem prayers! I'll definitely buy a copy and if i'm buoyant, i'll buy 50! :).. God bless you for this, i'll be printing and using as a prayer!
    ps: i replied your comment on my blog, check it out.

  2. Thanks Chinny, I'll hold you to that! :)