Friday, 22 July 2011

Dear God..

Dear God,

I wish I could have a skype conversation with you. I'm so tired of going through the same thing over and over in my head; it's driving me insane. I wish I could hear you speak to me clearly. I know you do speak, but so much is in this head of mine that sometimes it's difficult to tell if it's you speaking or just me. I so want to be led by you, and know that I am at the centre of your plan for my life but sometimes it's difficult to be sure. I know I need to be patient, and stop trying to see into the future, but it's really hard, and I feel like a heads-up won't hurt. I'm working on drawing closer to you, and I'm getting somewhere but it feels like I still have such a long way to go. I know I just need to trust you, and I do, really, but sometimes worry creeps in and I don't even know how! I really need help with this Lord, I've been trying so hard to do it on my own and it's obviously not working...


  1. Renny:

    I know this is addressed to "GOD" but I couldn't resist leaving a comment. Well, it is really a prayer, and it is that God Himself will speak to you in accents loud and clear, grant you clarity of vision and provide the answers you so desperately need in Jesus name (I hope you said AMEN!)

  2. I can relate with the words in this letter, as these are my tots exactly in recent times. I love to write letters to God, so far I've written him four letters and most times its a cry for help. There's some sort of release that comes with pouring it all out and i truly believe he enjoys the letter writings because afterwards he'll give you peace which you cant even comprehend. Hakuna matata love, all is well!

  3. @Relentless, thanks, and Amen. Also, thank you Chinny, God is faithful indeed.