Friday, 6 May 2011

Unleash your potential!
I'm rubbish with computers. In fact, I'm rubbish with technology in general. That's why I hardly upgrade my phone even when my contract ends and I still have the same camera I was given for my twenty-first birthday (OK, I lie on that one; the camera works fine so my reasoning is why change it?) Anyway, the thing is I've always relied on someone else to help me with my computer problems because I just don't have a clue. Or so I thought. Today I was trying to figure out why a particular video wasn't playing and I ended up sorting out a sound problem that I've had on my laptop since I bought it (over three years ago). The fact that I stumbled upon the solution whilst trying to fix something else is irrelevant. The important thing is that I did something I never in a million years thought I could do! I feel so proud. But this got me thinking; how much must we have the ability to do, but never attempt, sometimes out of fear of failure, and other times because there's someone else at hand to do it?

We have so much potential within us as human beings. If we knew how much, we'd be surprised. I never knew I could write (you may or may not agree with me on that one) until I sat down to. I never knew I could play the guitar, until I bought one and taught myself. I never knew I could lead a bunch of people in group study until I was asked to. I never knew I could drive on the motorway until I had no choice (I was scared stiff the whole time, mind!) My point is this; don't limit yourself. Never say 'I can't', because you might have to some day. Don't wait till your back is against the wall; start discovering your potential.

You know, you weren't made on a whim; thought and consideration actually went into creating you. I think the words actually used in the Bible are 'fearfully and wonderfully made'. Know what that means? It means it took precision, it took care, and it took meditation. You are a work of art. And this work of art has some amazing things deposited inside and they're not just for decoration! You have a purpose to fulfil (otherwise, what's the point?). Yes, you weren't just made to go shopping, or to eat (I wish!), or to party. Those aren't talents or gifts; anyone could do those. You were made for so much more. And you can do so much more. Don't limit yourself to that 9 – 5 job skill; you're not just a teacher, a doctor, or a pharmacist. You're so much more.

You see, if you never try, you'll never know. Those people whose talents and gifts you admire are mere mortals like you. They don't have two heads or two brains (as my dad used to say). Some of them don't even have half the education that you have! Some of them weren't born into the kind of wholesome background that you come from. And yet you look at them and think 'I wish...' You can do what they're doing. You might even be able to do a better job. I'm serious. Even if you can't do what they're doing, you can do something they could never do. Here's an example. A friend of mine isn't as book-clever as some people but she is one of the best chefs I know. And no, she didn't train to be a chef. We once cooked a certain dish together, using exactly the same ingredients; I made mine, she made hers. But her food tasted better. She just has this, what do they call it, 'je ne sais quoi' when it comes to food.

What am I trying to say? When you look at yourself, don't just see that one role you play majority of the time. Take time to search deep and you'll see that there's so much of you waiting to be discovered.

p.s. I got the title of this post from this blog. Check it out, it is fab!

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