Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A little thank you note...

I know I haven’t written for a little while; it’s because funny enough, every time I’ve sat down to write something, I just haven’t felt in the mood. I don’t know if it’s what they call ‘writers’ block’, because I know exactly what I want to write about; I just haven’t been able to find the right words and the motivation to put it down. Anyway, so I have a lot of ideas rolling around in my head right now and I’ve also learnt some very interesting things recently, which I plan to share with you guys. But first of all, I want to share something amazing with you. Actually, I think this might be the reason I haven’t been able to write anything else; I knew I was going to be writing about this soon. I have to say now that this post is probably going to be a bit longer than usual, but I won’t apologise for that, because I hope you would not only enjoy it, but be blessed, encouraged and inspired by it. It is my testimony (as in, what God did for me).
I really am a very private person, and even with my writing I never wanted to reveal too much of the goings-on in my life but I find it’s actually quite difficult when you’re writing for little bits of your personal life not to come through. Having said that, the reason I’m sharing this is because I promised Him I would.
So, have you ever wondered why God allows not so nice stuff to happen in your life? Or why things can be going all honky-dory one minute and the next minute it’s like WHAM! Life is taking a very different turn to what you expected? That is what happened to me sometime last year. Everything was going fine, I’d just bagged my dream job in the UK, I was in a loving relationship, and all was well with the world.
A few weeks into starting my job, I realised that I had to go back to Nigeria, to apply for a new work permit, thanks to new government immigration rules in the UK. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the relationship I thought would last forever came to an end.
To say I was going through the worst time of my life would not be an exaggeration. Anyway, so I came home, back to living with the parents. As some of you might know, coming back home after living independently for years can be the most challenging thing in the world. Especially with somewhere like Nigeria where you have lots of extended family and people who won’t mind their business. But I thought, ‘oh well, a month, maybe two and I’ll be outta here’. But God had other plans. The whole visa process took almost a year to be resolved and thank God it is now over. I am now set to go back to my dream job. (Yes, they kept the job for me all this while. That is a miracle in itself!)
When people talk about miracles sometimes they talk about something spectacular, sometimes instantaneous. You know, like someone being healed from cancer or stuff like that. But someone said to me the other day that just being in good health all the time is a miracle in itself, and I must say I agree. I feel like what has happened to me in the past 10 months or so has been nothing short of miraculous. I’m a changed person, and it is a good thing.
I’ve learnt what it means to wait on God. And to understand that sometimes crying and kicking and screaming doesn’t move God. If He’s not ready to act, He won’t. Especially if He knows that what is happening is for a purpose and for your good, which it invariably will be.
I’ve learnt humility. I now know what it feels like to be a young lady in her twenties, husband-less and jobless at the same time in Nigeria. Not the greatest combination. It’s made me a much nicer person and for that, I’m grateful.
I’ve learnt that I have a purpose. The time I spent at home gave me ample opportunity to think and to seek God about so much in my life, and my future. I feel like we all need that time-out sometimes to reflect on our lives and learn about the reason we’re here on earth.
I’ve learnt that I am special. I mean I’ve always known this (I don’t mean to sound arrogant) but I’ve always sensed God’s hand upon my life, guiding me, orchestrating things. This can be frustrating at times (like in this case) but it is also very comforting to know that the Almighty God cares about me so much that He’d actually get involved in my daily life.
I’ve learnt that I am loved. Especially by my friends and family. I was so touched when I paid a visit to the UK- everyone wanted to see me and spend some time with me and they probably didn’t know this but that two-week visit was the most refreshing time I’d had in months! And my siblings, they’re the best. Really.
I’ve learnt a lot of other stuff but as I want you to read the whole post, I think I should stop.
So this is my testimony. Yes, God granted me what I wanted, but He did so much more than that. He gave me an opportunity to grow and develop as a human being. An opportunity that I would never have had if I had stayed working all this time.
He gave me the opportunity to see change happen in Nigeria, a country I’d almost given up on.
He gave me the opportunity to be there for a friend when she really needed me.
He gave me the opportunity to spend time with my parents after so many years apart.
He gave me the opportunity to get to know my baby sister who is now a full-grown woman.
All in all, He didn’t just give me my job back. He gave me a reason to live again. And for that, I am so grateful. For that, I say thank You!

*Picture taken from nadiacyrill-footprintsinthesand.blogspot.com


  1. My dear Linda..you have really grown, am sure God will be soo proud.As you have well learnt, we go through things in life to make us stronger NOT weaker. During the process of refinement, we shead alot of excesses, we mature and our perception to life is altered to a depth that an average man cannot understand. Seeing you go through it all and come out victorious is a miracle I will always remeber...its the bigger picture I see..you can always use this experience as a landmark for greater challenges of life. You will always remain victorious and I sense a greater victory ahead very very soon ;). I friend you are and a friend you will always be to me.God is awesome..we both know it, guess its time to tell everybodyelse .

  2. Great testimony. I think we all need to take time to be truly thankful to God for the blessings be bestows upon us, even though the going through refinement bit can get nasty hard.

    BTW - coincidentally, I had to wait 6 months to get my UK Work Permit too some years ago. Whats with that?! The company hiring me though waited that long. That's since opened other doors that I'm truly thankful to God for. The waiting and slow progress was excruciatingly annoying. But God is good.

  3. Aww, i'm really happy for you and congrats on all the good news (visa and job)! I know the feeling of knowing that the hand of the Almighty was with you all along and he saw your struggles and frustrations and remembered to bring you out of it all.
    You must be an asset to your company after all ;).. All the best as you move onto a new chapter in the book of "life on earth".

    P.S: Yes hun, its writer's block! We've been and are still going through it..smh

  4. sniff, sniff. the best part is God cares so much about us he'll get involved in our daily lives. so glad that u are celebrating this moment, i am so happy for u. your insight into what God was doing is so great, it brings Romans 8:28 closer to home. don't stop writing( at least one blog every two weeks) and may God continue to inspire u to even greater heights! love u and keep me posted.

  5. @Anon, Amen, amen and amen. God is truly awesome, and we both know it! :)

    @Wendal, Indeed God is good. Yes, the refinement process can be very tough, but truth is I can honestly say I'm glad it happened.

    @Chinny, thank you, thank you. Don't you just love 'life on earth'? :)

    @Chisome, thank you very much. I will keep writing by God's grace! :)

  6. Yay!!! Renny you are coming back to sunny UK (well at least sometimes)

    Walking with God can sometimes be like one is walking through the dessert. You just don't know what twist or turn is around the corner.

    Indeed you are special not because of your outer beauty but because the Lord chose you to be part of his family. His word will always sustain you sister girl.

    One day at a time.. big virtual hug :-)

  7. Renny:

    First of all, LOL @ being husband-less and jobless at the same time ... God knows, I can totally relate to that! Yes, Nigerian extended family members are notoriously amebos, but like it or not, they are family (at least, that's what I tell myself *smiles*)

    Secondly, I am really glad to hear your testimony and how everything worked out. Particularly, on the job issue ... Ha! That was definitely God o!

    Finally (*holds empty imaginary glass*), a toast: Here's wishing you all the best as you return to the UK for another phase of your life! God who began this good work in you, will be faithful to complete it.

    P.S. Sorry! I get "long-winded" sometimes...

  8. @Butterfly diaries; one big virtual hug to you too! Indeed walking with God can be frustrating at times, but the amazing thing is that He always comes through. Always. And in awesome ways too!
    p.s. If you've been in the UK in the last few weeks you'll know that the sun does not seem to exist in this country.

    @Relentless; Thank you, thank you! Yeah God is faithful, I must never forget that. Hehe you know all about Nigerian extended families abi? smh. Hope you get lots of testimonies your way soon too!