Monday, 14 March 2011

Why my country is in need of a natural disaster...

After all the craziness going on in Japan, I honestly feel like I couldn't blog about the random stuff going on in my own life at the moment. The earthquakes, tsunamis and explosions make me wonder about so many things, one of which is why God allows stuff like this to happen. In my own life, I am slowly (and painfully) coming to the realisation that when God allows certain things in your life it is because He is trying to get through to you; to change something about you, to teach you some lessons or to get you to reach out to Him. Basically, He's trying to get your attention. 

Now I'm not saying God caused the earthquakes, or that He is punishing the Japanese people, but if I know anything about human beings, it is this; when we are desperately in trouble and in need of help, we call out to God. All people do, whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, atheist, agnostic, or people from any other religion. Suffering makes us think about our lives and the frailty and value of it, if any. When we get to the point where we can no longer maintain control, we have to hand it over to Someone else who can. I have always believed in God, but only when I started going through some serious challenges in my life did I start seeking Him fervently. I believe this is the reason God allows certain situations in our lives; that is the only way He can get through to some of us.
Pictures taken from BBC news website
So, whilst I sympathise with and pray for Japan, I sincerely hope that these natural disasters aren't complete disasters, but that at least some people would be wise enough to seek Him in their moment of need, whilst He may still be found.

The other thing I've noticed (and well before all this happened) is that some countries, e.g. Nigeria hardly ever experience natural disasters on the scale that other countries do. No earthquakes, no tsunamis, no tornadoes, no hurricanes. Nothing. Nigeria is blessed. In so many ways. But for some reason, the country is messed up. In so many ways. We create our problems ourselves; we don't need nature's help! We hate each other, we cheat each other, we discriminate against each other. Everyone looks after himself and no one else. Like the popular saying goes, 'Every man for himself, God for us all.' What a load of tosh. But that is the Nigerian mentality. Hence the country is probably at the worst point she's ever being in since her inception. Nigeria just celebrated her fiftieth birthday anniversary for goodness' sake, and we still do not have constant electricity! I won't join the band-wagon criticising the government and others in power, because I actually believe the problems we have in Nigeria stem from the people.

Don't get me wrong, I love Nigerians. I am one of them, even though there have been times I've wished that wasn't the case. But I feel like sometimes we take for granted what we have as a nation; the natural resources, the diversity of culture, the resilience of the people, not to mention the jollof rice. Nigeria is amazing. But Nigeria is divided. I do not wish to make light of the situation in Japan, but sometimes I feel like the only thing that could bring Nigeria together is a serious natural disaster. Maybe then, we would rally together to help each other and make sure the country doesn't go under. But then again, maybe not.





  2. Wow. Such strong words. And in capitals too. Well, that is your opinion. For me, even though sometimes I think desperate times deserve desperate measures, I don't wish evil on Nigeria. The point I was trying to make is that I wish we would realise that as a country we are blessed, so the things we run after and squabble about are nonsensical. 'The divide in Nigeria is real', Yes, I think I made that clear in the blog. 'It is here to stay'? That comment is only true if we want it to be.

  3. I think maybe not, but I wouldnt want a natural disaster to prove me wrong. I see where you are coming from, but, disasters bring people together temporarily before old divisions creep up again. A few people change their perceptions on life, depending on their personal experiences, but a widespread change takes generations.

  4. Yes Wendal, we wouldn't want a disaster to prove us wrong. I guess I live in the land of hope that change is possible, and hopefully in the not too distant future. I believe our generation is capable of bringing about that change, but unfortunately I think the seed of hatred has already been sown into the minds of some...

  5. Renny if Nigeria were to go through a natural disaster, the country and everyone in it would be more or less obliterated. It won't bring us together. The problems in Nigeria are not majorly because of the divide. The problems in Nigeria are a result of greed. Our greed has eaten into our skin like a disease that is here to stay.. Until mindsets begin to change and young people rise up to lead, we ain't gonna change and neither will the country.

  6. Hey Renny i like the revovler maps widget, how do i add it to my blog?! Cant seem to figure it out..

  7. Yep, I know a natural disaster is not the answer. I used that title to get people to read the blog ;) I call it 'the power of a good blog title' I got the idea from you should give it a go!;) Anyway, on a more serious note, I really do think the choice to change mindsets is ours to make, so that the country can move forward. A natural disaster wouldn't be good, no matter what part of Nigeria you're from, but I think you'd be surprised at the amount of compassion we actually have within us, but just aren't willing to utilise.

    About the revolver maps widget, I got it from someone else's blog. Just click on it, and it should take you to the website. Then click on 'get your globe', then select a map. Mine is a mini-globe. You can get it in 2D or 3D. Should be quite straight-forward. Thanks for your comments!

  8. Yeah i figured your title was an attention seeker, and it achieved its aim! :).. Ok i'll try out the globe thingy again though i did that already but couldn't get it to appear on my blog. Take care!

  9. Natural disaster! & that wil be the begining of the end of a nation few of us are believing will get better some day soon.
    Change does not happen outside-in,its usualy inside-out.
    Imagine members of a community stealing part of the components of the transformer that supplies electricity to their community because it has gr8 money value.who suffers the black out?
    Prayer is not the answer to darkness,it is light/knowledge.
    The foundation our country was built on was faulty, & dats been the challenge.
    We need to revisit the foundation.
    This is my piece of mind.

  10. A few to add to my anonymous comment.
    'A better Nigeria is possible, & it will start with you & I'

  11. Thanks Renny! The Html/Java widget was the trick! :)

  12. @Lekan, thanks for your comments! I like the statement 'prayer is not the answer to darkness; light/knowledge is' That is so true. Unfortunately many of our people refuse to see the light. I'm not so sure about the foundation being the issue, because from what I've heard, there was a time Nigeria was a fab place to live, so it seems things have gone downhill since inception. I believe things can move forward if we (i.e. our generation) started seeing ourselves as one people, instead of being selfish and only looking out for our 'kind'. 'It will start with you and I' indeed.

    @Chinny, I feel like a computer genius.

  13. Foundation! uhm.
    Nigeria started agitating 4 independece when dey realised we had quite a number of natural resources but dey barely knew anytin abt self governance.dey just dint want the britons managing us anymore cos of their ulterior motives.dey knew if dey were incharge,dey could steal,scoup & convert as many wealth to themselves.This has been the trend & dey v handed this mindset down til its gotten to us.we now cal it NATIONAL CAKE.
    South africa fought 4 independece cos they wantd to be free & when dey were convinced they could run their affairs.Thats d reason 4 d level of dev of both countries.
    Gary smalley says 'change ur heart change ur life'.
    I think nigerians need a heart transplant.& even if everybody is ready 4 d surgery,whos gonna foot d bills.May be we wil just take it 4m our national

  14. Wow. Lekan has spoken. I guess I never really saw it that way. Like Chinny said above, it is greed that is really killing us, and unfortunately that's not an easy one to cure. I would say let's see what happens when the current generation of politicians pass away, but unfortunately I think even those from our generation aren't in politics for the right reasons!

  15. Wow.
    In such cases, people have such differing opinions and thoughts that it's very difficult to actually find 2 exact and same opinion/view on topics as such. It is especially more so where things like cause/effect, race, wrong/right, God/humans, sin and punishment, etc have a part to play. Those are such complex variables with very few standing(generally agreed on) views that all believe in...

    However, that only gives me a chance to also have my often cynical view/opinion and state it as below...

    I don't think God has any more to do with japans' jeopardy, at least not as is normally implied than humans. Those power stations were built by humans. Settlement in such areas were mostly human choices... irrespective of how misguided peoples' decisions were. True, we do not know the future, but the case is just a bigger version of me spreading my washing to dry outside without caring for when the rain will fall... and then a rainfall later on.. soiling my washed things

    That said, I think Nigeria as a country is suffering from a much bigger 'Natural disaster'. We do not have an immediate and sudden result as in japan but what Nigerians and Nigeria as a nation has suffered, is suffering and will suffer far outweighs the present tragedy in Japan.
    -State of human rights, prospect of growth, death due to bad medical practice, health system, corrupted human system, wasted minds and millions with no future plans... An education system that doesn't have much to write home about... I could go on, the fact that the victims of the Nigerian case experience their pain over years vs the Japanese over a shorter period doesn't make it any better.
    Is it really a blessing (in reference to Japan)? well, given the number of economic and political refugees that Nigeria has all over the world, the Nigerians suffering in the country, and those that will do anything to escape the so called 'blessed country'..... I don't think so.

  16. I love your statement that Nigeria is suffering from a much bigger 'natural disaster'. Indeed the issues we face have been there for years and don't seem to be going anywhere just yet. I still think Nigeria is blessed but unfortunately we haven't got the right people in power to help us utilize what we have to the utmost. This is the reason many are running away from the country. And to be honest we as Nigerians sometimes don't help issues or ourselves for that matter with the mindsets that we have. Let's see what happens after these elections...