Sunday, 27 February 2011

The masterpiece, the work of art...

 The sculptor chisels away,
 A tiny bit here, a large chunk there
'Ouch, that hurts! It was only a curse!'
'That won't do you see, for it only leads to remorse'

Chisel, chisel, chisel
'But all I did was lust!'
'Next time, look away,
though his arms are quite robust'

Chisel, chisel, chisel
'Was there need for that?!'
'Just 'cause the girls are talking,
is no reason to take part'

Chisel, chisel, chisel
'Stop! It's enough!'
'Well, you should have thought,
before you walked off in a huff!'

Chisel, chisel, chisel
'I only whispered what I know'
'Girl, have you never heard,
you'll one day reap what you sow?'

Chisel, chisel, chisel
'It was just spare change I borrowed'
'Don't kid yourself my love,
stealing only leads to sorrow'

Chisel, chisel, chisel
'But I do have a better ride!'
'I guess my work here's not done,
'cause you're still so full of pride'

Chisel, chisel, chisel
'Lord, that piece was huge!'
'Once again I'll tell you,
man lives not only for food'

And just when I think I can't take any more
The sculptor stands back, and then chisels some more
It's a masterpiece, it's a work of art
It's the perfect me, as He purposed from the start.

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